The Fair's primary goal is to ensure the safety and equitable treatment and access to all visitors, exhibitors, volunteers, and fair-goers.  To accomplish this, we enforce the following rules and guidelines during our events:

Fair Rules & Policies

All final decisions regarding all Shippensburg Community Fair exhibits, events or activities will be made by the Shippensburg Community Fair Executive Committee.

No illegal drugs or fireworks will be allowed on the fairgrounds.

No pets, except service animals and properly identified service animals-in-training will be allowed anywhere on the fairgrounds.  Arrangements for service animals must be made in advance and approved by the safety/security personnel.

The right is reserved to inspect at any time exhibits, shows, concession booths, stalls or animals at the fairgrounds.

Exhibitors and volunteers over 18 years of age grant permission to the Shippensburg Community Fair Board to use their name, likeness, voice and words in television, radio, films, newspapers, magazines and other media and in any form not heretofore describe for the lawful purpose and activities of the Shippensburg Community Fair.  Exhibitors and volunteers understand that they will not receive any compensation for the use of their name or likeness.

General Guidelines & Rules

These rules apply to all departments, events, exhibits and activities.  All exhibitors must read and agree to abide by these general rules.

  1. The Shippensburg Community Fair will not be responsible for any loss, damage or accident that may occur to any person, animal, article or vehicle, but will take every reasonable precaution to safeguard same.
  2. All entries must be made in the name of the bona fide owner.  Entries made otherwise will not be allowed to compete.
  3. The Fair reserves the right to refuse any item considered unsuitable to exhibit.
  4. The decision of the judges is final.
  5. Any exhibitor who publicly expresses disapproval of the judge's decision, or who is guilty of conduct unbecoming of an exhibitor will be excluded from all exhibitions.  His/her premiums will be forfeited, and he/she will be excused from the fairgrounds.
  6. No premiums will be paid on exhibits in classes not listed in the Fair Catalog.
  7. In case of only one entry competing for the premium, judges will determine prize and ribbon to be awarded.
  8. Premiums will not be paid on any item removed from the Fair before the designated release date/time.
  9. Any exhibit that is not picked up by Fair release date/time listed in the Fair Catalog will become the property of the Fair.
  10. The right is reserved to inspect at any time exhibits, shows, concessions booths, stalls, or animals on the fairgrounds.
  11. No loitering on Shippensburg Community Fair property.
  12. No solicitation allowed on Shippensburg Community Fair property.
  13. Wearing of masks, hoods or any items that obstruct the viewing of the face is prohibited.
  14. Games of chance must follow state guidelines in accordance with the rules for playing games of chance.  All violations will be turned over to the Pennsylvania Gaming Commission.  If an individual or organization is caught braking the state laws or guidelines in reference to games of chance, the organization's stand or booth will be shut down for the day of the Fair.  If caught a second time, the stand or booth will be shut down for the remainder of the Fair.
  15. No fighting is allowed on the Shippensburg Fairgrounds at any time.  Those involved will be escorted off the fairgrounds and will not be permitted back on the property for the rest of the evening.  Those caught a second time will not be permitted on the property for the remainder of the Fair.  Repeat offenders will be arrested for trespassing.
  16. No bicycles or skateboards are permitted on Fair property.  Any bicycles brought onto the fairgrounds must be parked inside Gate #1 along the fence.  The Shippensburg Community Fair is not responsible for any bicycle brought to the Fair.
  17. No alcohol of any kind is permitted on the property.
  18. No trespassing is permitted on the Shippensburg Fairgrounds property.
  19. No parking is permitted around any buildings or unauthorized parking areas on the Fairgrounds.  Violators may be towed at the owner's expense.
  20. All vendors and food concession stands must follow guidelines established in reference to the delivery of food, supplies, and other items for the operation of their stand.
  21. No running or horseplay is permitted on the Fairgrounds.
  22. No firearms, knifes, clubs, or other weapons are allowed on Shippensburg Fairgrounds property with the exception of authorized law enforcement personnel.
  23. All vendors must break down and take all cardboard to the designated dumpster or recycling area at the end of the food stands for proper disposal.
  24. No vehicles with the intention of tearing down vendor booths or stands will be permitted on the Fairgrounds on Saturday night until 11:00 PM (subject to change).
  25. Any violation of the above rules will result in an expulsion from the fairgrounds.  The length of said expulsion may vary based on the severity of the violation.  If an individual or organization violates Pennsylvania State Law, the proper law enforcement agency will be contacted.  Any decision for expulsion will be made by the Security & Safety Committee.  Anyone expelled may appeal this decision to a three member panel consisting of the Fair Board President (or his/her designee), a member of the Security & Safety Committee, and a Fair Board member at large.  Any decision of this panel is final.