The Shippensburg Community Fair invites you to be a part of what makes our annual event so important - the exhibitors! We offer thousands of different categories and you can enter, including classes in dairy cattle, livestock, home products, equines, and more!

The following is an overview of the exhibitor registration process. Follow these simple steps to become an exhibit your wares at the Shippensburg Community Fair.


Understanding the Fair Premium Catalog

The first step to learning about being an exhibitor at the Fair is to read over the Fair Premium Catalog. The Premium Catalog is your guide to participating in the fair, and lists all the rules, guidelines, categories and prize monies associated with your entries.

The Premium Catalog is broken down by Department - Section - Class numbers.

  • DEPARTMENTS are the overall category in which your entry fits, for example, "Sheep" or "Baked Goods".

  • SECTIONS are sub-categories that further narrow your entry, such as "Angus" or "Canned Products".

  • CLASSES relate specifically to your entry's description, like "2 years old" or "Yellow Peaches". Sometimes the class number is also referred to as an "ID" in the Fair Catalog.

When entering a show or competition at the Fair, you are typically required to list the Department - Section - Class number on your entry form. These are the numbers used by both Fair officials and other exhibitors. Exhibits that are in a particular class are judged against each other.

List of Fair Departments

The following are Departments for which there are competitions or shows at the Shippensburg Community Fair. Department numbers are recognized by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and are common in fairs all over the state.

Department 1 - Horses
Department 2 - Dairy Cattle
Department 3 - Beef Cattle
Department 4 - Sheep
Department 5 - Swine
Department 6 - Goats
Department 8 - Poultry & Eggs
Department 9 - Rabbits
Department 10 - 4-H & Vocational
Department 11 - Youth Under 19

Department 12 - Hay & Grain
Department 13 - Vegetables
Department 14 - Fruits and Nuts
Department 15 - Home Produced Products
Department 17 - Floral Exhibits
Department 18 - Needlecraft
Department 19 - Art, Photography & Crafts
Department 20 - Group Exhibits
Department 23 - Apiary & Maple Products
Department 22 - Major Contests

Exhibitor Registration Process


Be sure to thoroughly read all the general rules and special section, category or class rules that apply to the exhibits you are entering. These rules can be found in the Fair Premium Catalog. Completing an entry form signifies your acceptance of all the rules for your department, class and the Fair in general.


Determine which class you would like to enter. Take a look at our Fair Premium Catalog for a list of all available classes. Make sure you read the list carefully and choose the class that best fits your item or animal. If you aren't sure which class to enter, e-mail us and we'll help!


Make sure you are eligible to enter the classes you have chosen. Use this list as a guide:

  • All classes under Department 10 are limited to 4-H and FFA exhibitors only.

  • All classes under Department 11 are limited to youth under the age of 19.

  • You may only enter one exhibit per class in all Home Products categories.

  • Livestock exhibitors may receive a maximum of two premiums per class.

  • Be sure to read any Fair Catalog guidelines that accompany each class or section to make sure your exhibit(s) are eligible for show.


Some sections and categories, such as Livestock and Dairy Cattle, require that you complete preliminary forms such as the "Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship Form".  Each of these forms can be downloaded from our Entry Forms page, and must be submitted along with your entry form for your exhibit to be included in the show.


All entry forms can be downloaded from our Entry Forms page. Home Products exhibits can be entered completely online by using our Online Entry system. Be sure to complete the entry form as completely and correctly as possible. If you have questions about your entry form, please contact us and ask. If your entry form is not completed correctly, it may not be accepted.

When your entry form is complete, mail it to the appropriate department chairperson. Mailing addresses can be found either in the Fair Premium Catalog or on the entry form itself. If your class requires an entry fee (as do Livestock, Dairy, and Horse entries), don't forget to include it in the envelope. Please send a check or money order to cover your entry fee -- cash will not be accepted. Checks or money orders can be made out to Shippensburg Community Fair.

Questions? Ask Us!

If you have questions about the exhibitor entry process, just ask! We'll be happy to help walk you through it, or put you in touch with the right person.