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Come and experience what the Fair is all about - the hard-working dedicated members of the community! Hundereds of people from Shippensburg and surrounding towns, counties and neighborhoods come together during the Shippensburg Community Fair to display their exhibits and compete with others for the first place ribbon!

The Fair offers many opportunities for exhibitors, including shows and contests in Dairy, Livestock, Horses, and many varieties of Home Products. We place special emphasis on youth exhibits to help teach the importance of dedication, responsibility and showmanship required to be successful leaders in the community!

Experience it for Yourself

As a visitor of the Fair, we invite you to experience what keeps the Fair alive and well! Please come and celebrate our dedicated exhibitors by attending a show or browsing the exhibits on display.

Become part of the experience


Do you make handcrafts? Excel at photography? Participate in livestock shows? Regardless of your talent, we have a place for you to exhibit in the Fair! Why not consider displaying your prized possession to the Shippensburg community?

To learn more about exhibiting at the Fair, please visit the following department pages:

If you are interested in becoming an exhibitor, please take a look at our information on Becoming an Exhibitor. You will find all kinds of information, including schedules, how to enter your items, and tips on displaying your exhibits.